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    Location Pisticci Scalo | Italy 
    Customer Ricarielli Spa 
    ORC electric power 4 MWe
    ORC model TURBODEN 40 HR Split 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 25 40°C
    In operation since Q2 2012 



    Location Catania | Italy 
    Customer E&S Energy Spa 
    Heat source 6 JGS/GE gas engines rated 0.6 – 1 MWe
    ORC electric power 0.6 MWe 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 26/35°C 
    In operation since Q2 2010 



    Location Chivasso | Italy 
    Customer Ricciarelli Spa 
    ORC electric power 1000 kW 
    ORC model TURBODEN 10 HR 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 25 - 40°C 
    In operation since Q4 2010 


    Location Senden | Germany 
    Customer AGO AG Energie | Anlagen 
    ORC electric power 700 kW 
    ORC model TURBODEN 10 HR 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 58 - 89°C 
    In operation since Q3 2012 



    Location Pisticci (MT) | Italy 
    Customer Riciarelli Spa 
    Heat source 3 x 8 MWe Wartsila Diesel engines
    ORC electric power 1.5 MWe 
    ORC model T1500 HR 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 25 - 45°C 
    In operation since Q2 2010  



    Location Kempen | Germany 
    Customer Stadwerke Kempen GmbH 
    ORC electric power 0.6 MWe 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 65°C 
    In operation since Q1 2012  



    Location Mezzana Bigli | Italy 
    Customer Termoindustraile Spa | Oxon Italia Spa 
    Heat source 1 x 8 MWe MAN Diesel engine
    ORC electric power 0.5 MWe 
    ORC model T500 HR  
    Water Temperature (in/out) 25 /35°C 
    In operation since Q4 2008 



    Location Espoo | Finland 
    Customer Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority
    Heat source 4 x 4 MWe MWM Gas engines
    ORC electric power 1.4 MWe
    ORC model TURBODEN 14-HR 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 25 - 38°C 
    In operation since Q4 2011 



    Location Visano (BS) | Italy 
    Customer Le Colombaie srl 
    Heat source 1 x 7 MWe Wartsila Diesel engine
    ORC electric power 0.5 MWe 
    ORC model T500 HRD 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 24-34°C 
    In operation since Q2 2009 



    Location Portogruaro (VE) | Italy 
    Customer Cereal Docks 
    Heat source 1 x 7 MWe Wartsila Diesel engine
    ORC electric power 0.5 MWe
    ORC model T1500 HRD 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 24/34
    In operation since Q1 2012 



    Location Pescara | Italy 
    Customer Alma CIS | Fater (P&G Group) 
    ORC electric power 700 kW
    ORC model TURBODEN 7 HRD 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 25 - 35°C
    In operation since Q2 2013 



    Location Moscow region | Russian Federation 
    Customer Polykraft | Gazprom 
    ORC electric power 987 kW 
    ORC model TURBODEN 10 HR Split 
    Water Temperature (in/out) 20 - 32°C 
    In operation since Under Construction 






    Description Gas Compressor station in Canada 
    Location Saskatchewan | Canada
    Customer Transgas Innovative Steam Technologies
    Gas Turbine prime power Solar CENTAUR | 3.5MW 
    Fuel Natural Gas
    Heat Source Exhaust gas @ 450°C / cooled down to 150°C
    Design Ambient Temperature 10°C
    ORC electric power 950 kW
    ORC model TURBODEN 10HR
    Water Temperature (in/out) 14/34°C
    In operation since Q4 2011



    Description Gas Turbine Power Plant (GTPP) in Russia 
    Location Moscow region | Russian Federation
    Customer PolyImpex | Energo development LCC 
    Gas Turbine prime power Solar TITAN 130 | 25MWe
    Fuel Thermal Oil 
    ORC electric power 3MWe-Direct exchange cogenerative solution 
    ORC thermal power 15 MWt of hot water at 90°C 
    ORC model TURBODEN 32 HRS -DE
    Water Temperature (in/out) 70/90°C
    In operation since start-up foreseen Q4 2014

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