01. Unique in house capabilities and vertical integration | Single supplier of the entire combustion system  

VAS is the only European thermal oil boiler supplier with in house capabilities to design, manufacture and deliver all the components of the entire combustion system, from the fuel handling equipment and the furnace and up to the thermal oil heat exchangers and the filters. By having the entire combustion system supplied by VAS based on in-house designed components, the risk of interface conflicts caused when using equipment from different suppliers is minimized, and system efficiency is maximized.   

Furthermore, in the unlikely event of system malfunction, customers will deal with VAS as the single counterparty responsible for the entire biomass combustion system and thus avoid the uncertainty and complication of root cause analysis procedures.


02. Availability & Maintenance 

VAS provides a standard availability guarantee of 90% with annual maintenance requirements estimated in the order of 240-336 hours. 

The availability typically achieved in VAS plants however, is well above the minimum guaranteed often exceeding 95%.


 03. Efficiency & Performance 

Contingent upon project-specific parameters and fuel characteristics, VAS combustion system delivers an industry leading 85-88% efficiency.  


04. Automation 

Similarly to Turrboden ORC units, VAS' combustion system is highly automated with minimal operation requirements. System operation is monitored and controlled remotely while plant personnel duties are typically limited to a simple inspection.  


05. Flue gas treatment 

VAS' combustion systems integrates highly advanced, in-house designed, flue gas treatment technology capable to support compliance with strict emission limits even when dealing with challenging biomass fuels. 

In addition to the the ESP which reduces dust content from about 2.500 mg/Nm³ down to under 20 mg/Nm³, the installation of an in-house designed bag filter can reduce dust content even further (below 10 mg/Nm³). Other fuel-specific pollutants can be removed by an additives feed in line before clean flue gas is vent to the atmosphere.  

Furthermore, VAS' furnace is working with low-NOX technology, achieving NOx levels below 150mg/Nm³ at plants using normal wood based fuel. For plants using agricultural based fuel, and depending on the applicable emission limits, the addition of a Selective Non Catalytic Reduction system designed by VAS may be required. 


06. Safety 

VAS' combustion system integrates several safety features to protect against an event of system malfunction. In addition to the emergency chimney placed on top of the furnace, a vertically arranged refractory-lined hot gas shaft is placed right after the furnace. If unsafe operating conditions are detected, VAS' control system will automatically initiate the shut down of the system. 


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