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SKY STUDIOS, LONDON UK |  Combined Cooling, Heat and Power Plant (CCHP) plant powered by VAS & Turboden ORC unit




The biomass powered Combined Cooling, Heat and Power plant (CCHP) at Sky studios is part of the Harlequin 1 project, a new 23,000 m², 4 story building with the stated objective to become the most sustainable broadcasting, studio and data-centre building of its type.

In the CCHP plant recycled wood is used to fire a 6,5MWth furnace that supplies heat to a 4,2MWth thermal oil system and powers a Turboden ORC unit generating 1,0MW of electrical power. Sky covers three operational areas by using generated electricity, warm water as well as cooling by a system of absorption chillers for it`s new building. Surplus on electrical power is sold to the grid.

Due to its proximity to central London and the use of recycled wood, the Sky Studios biomass CCHP plant complies with strict emission requirements.



Thermal input 7.6 MW
Thermal output 6.5 MW
Electric output 1.0 MW
Fuel cleaned recycled wood

VAS' Scope of Supply 

  • Fuel handling
  • Biomass plant
  • Thermal oil plant
  • Deashing
  • Dedusting by electrostatic precipitator (< 20mg/Nm³)


First delivery of heat November 2011





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