Austrian company VAS Energy Systems International GmbH , is a leading European supplier of biomass thermal oil boilers. Since 1999 VAS has built more than 65 biomass plants including 30 thermal oil plants and over 200 single projects as the supplier of exhaust gas treatment systems.  

Backed by state of the art technology and committed to top quality standards, VAS demonstrates a remarkable track record with notable project references with Turboden ORC units such as the CHP plant at Heathrow Airport (), the CCHP plant in Sky studios in London (), the CHP plant powering district heating in Bruneck, Italy (), and the CHP plant at Malteurop's production facility in Poland ().   

VAS is the only European thermal oil boiler supplier with in house capabilities to design, manufacture and deliver all the components of the entire combustion system, from the fuel handling equipment and the furnace and up to the thermal oil heat exchangers and the filters. By having the entire combustion system supplied by VAS based on in-house designed components, the risk of interface conflicts caused when using equipment from different suppliers is minimized, and system efficiency is maximized.    

Following close cooperation with INMIS, VAS is uniquely positioned among European suppliers to manufacture, deliver and guarantee complete combustion solutions designed to operate with the type of residual agricultural fuels which most biomass power plants in Greece are likely to use.  



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