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In the context of combustion-based Renewable Energy applications, the term biomass refers to all types of plant derived biological material.  

With reference to the technical requirements posed on the combustion side of a biomass power plant, biomass fuels can be divided to the following categories: 

  • Herbaceous residual agricultural materials 
  • Materials of woody origin


Wood biomass Agricultural Residual biomass 
Wood chips  Corn  Rape 
Bark Wheat Sunflower
Saw dust Rice Cotton 
Tree pruning Olive residues Barley
Mill waste  Reed   



Contrary to biomass power plants in Europe where due to the abundance of wood sources wood chips has been the main fuel of choice, customers in Greece will most likely rely on a fuels of agricultural origin. 

Residual agricultural biomass in Greece is abundant and remains largely unutilized. 

 Source: Skoulou, Zabaniotou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Thermal oil boilers can be custom-designed to operate on a variety of agricultural fuel sources utilizing stalks, straw, leaves roots, seeds or even whole plants. For more info on fuel flexibility and and INMIS' plant design options click here 



In order to assist its customers in the formation of a biomass supply network, and to design each plant according to the exact technical requirements of each project as set by the biomass fuel input, INMIS has compiled an extensive reference database with fuel characteristics for all types of biomass which are commonly available in Greece. 


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