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Turboden produces a wide range of ORC modules effectively offering several options which can suit the varying requirements of heat recovery projects.   


ORC type Turboden's HR units are typically most suitable in standard heat recovery applications. Depending on the characteristics of the primary heat source however, and whether there is requirement for heat, Turboden HRS or even CHP units can also be configured for either electricity-only or Combined Heat and Power applications respectively.  
ORC capacity Turboden turbogenerators electric power output generally ranges between 200 kW and 15 MW
Heat source All ORC units can be fed by thermal oil, saturated vapor, or superheated water.
Split | No Split ORC split systems allow maximization of electric power production for a given biomass consumption due to a more efficient utilization of thermal power from the boiler, while non-split systems maximize electrical efficiency. 


Select from the images below or the side menu, the ORC type suitable for your heat recovery application  







Or for smaller size applications the new 200/300kW Turboden units. 



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