Several types of industrial facilities produce large amounts of heat as a by-product of their core production process which is typically wasted and dumped into the environment. Turboden units utilize this waste heat to produce electricity. 

It is estimated that as much as 20 to 50% of the energy consumed in industrial processes is ultimately lost via waste heat contained in streams of hot exhaust gases and liquids. In an environment of ever increasing energy prices and a strong policy momentum towards energy efficiency, the utilization of waste heat for electricity production is widely considered as one the most promising sectors. 



Turboden ORC units can produce electricity by recovering waste heat from several different industrial sources, reciprocating engines and gas turbines. 


01. Heat exchange     02. ORC process

The heat contained in the exhaust gas is transferred in dedicated thermal oil (or pressurized water) Heat Exchangers to a thermal oil (or pressurized water) loop. 





Through heat exchange with the heat carrying loop the ORC’s working medium is pre-heated, vaporized and then expanded in a turbine that drives the electric generator.

Leaving the turbine, the organic fluid passes through the regenerator (preheating) and then condenses. The condensing heat is released using wet or dry heat dissipation systems.

After the condenser, the working medium is pressurized by the working fluid pump, preheated and finally reinserted to the loop to restart the process.

For an in-depth look on how the Turboden ORC process works click here  




Applications   Heat sources       
   Cement plants

 Gaseous sources    

270 - 550°C     

Internal combustion engines exhaust gas
 Steel foundries Steel furnaces exhaust gas 
 Diesel engines & power plants Cement, Glass, non ferrous metal furnaces exhaust gas
 Natural gas compression stations   Exhaust Gas from waste incineration
 Bottom cycling gas turbines Liquid sources     Refineries hot streams
› Electric arc furnaces  90 - 320°C     Cooling water (or other fluids) loops in industrial processes
 Glass industry   Jacket cooling water of reciprocating engines 
 Ceramic industry  Condensing sources       Refineries organic vapors to be condensed 
 Refineries Surplus steam from production process
  Steam from cooling loops in industrial processes


For more details on the typical industrial heat recovery applications with Turboden ORC units click here  

For an overview of heat recovery from internal combustion engines click here  

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