- Turboden maintenance packages


Turboden and INMIS offer a complete portfolio of after-sale services that can be tailor-made to meet customer need, from simple planned maintenance to comprehensive service agreements. 

The After-sale team can respond with remote monitoring services, site maintenance services, part repair, spare-part sales and plant revision to reduce operating risk and maximize customer asset value through peak power plant reliability and availability. 

Turboden scope is to maximize customer customer value through the achievement of the maximum reliability of Turboden ORC plants. 

Our customized systems provide capabilities for data trending and reporting, alerting the operator about power plant issues and performing diagnostics and troubleshooting. 

With our technical Team, this all leads to rapid identification and resolution of issues to keep the power plant running at its best. 



  • MS Standard Maintenance 




    Standard Maintenance includes planned, remote assistance and access to the Turboden Online Service(TOS) system. 


     Planned Maintenance 


    Planned maintenance will be performed once or twice a year and requires checks with the syswetm both stopped and running. 


    Examples of activities to be performed under a planned maintenance contract:


    –Check of turbine generator alignment with a laser aligner 


    –Acquisition of turbine, generator and pump vibration spectra


    –Replacement of the lubrication system filters


    –Replacement of the lubrication system oil


    –Replacement of the vacuum pump oil


    –Checking and backing-up control system (PLC) data


    –Calibration of pressure measurement instruments 


    –Checking leak detection instruments 


    –Checking the correct operation of the electro-mechanical cut0off protecting the turbine from over speeds


     Remote assistance


    The turbogenerator’s PC supervisor is connected to Turboden’s service center by modem. Turboden’s personnel will intervene remotely to make adjustments, remove defects and optimize the turbogenerator’s performance. 


     Turboden Online Service


    Turboden will offer the customer TOS (Turboden Online Service), a fast, personalized transparent and guided tool that allows the customer to report any system anomalies over the Internet. The report goes directly to Turboden’s service personnel via an SMS. The customer will receive fast, problem-solving responses over the Internet and consult the history of the received assistance anytime. 

  •  MS+MP Standard Maintenance plus Predictive Maintenance






    This package includes MS services and also the MP Predictive Maintenance which encloses:


     Replacement of wear parts 


    The MP service assigns Turboden to maintain /replace worn parts, including the cost of personnel and necessary materials. 


     Replacement of organic fluid 


    The MP includes the replacement of organic fluid, if necessary


  •  OT Optiturbo








    The Optiturbo service includes all the services that are counted in MS+MP. Added to these services, Optiturbo includes: 


     Guarantee of availability 


    If a customer subscribes to the Optiturbo service, a minimum availability of 95% will be guaranteed. In the case of less availability, Turboden will reimburse the loss of income from energy production within the limits and conditions described in the contract. 


     Extension of the guarantee on the main components


    Subscribing to Optiturbo after the expiration of the standard guarantee period automatically6 includes the extension of the guarantee on the main items. Moreover, any service call and travel expenses for the performance of maintenance and repairs will be Turboden’s responsibility.  

  • OT+ Optiturbo Plus










    Optiturbo Plus includes all the services enclosed in the Optiturbo package. Added to these services are: 


     Extension of the guarantee on all components 


    It includes the replacement at Turboden’s expense of all turbogenerator’s components if defective or worn. 


     Mini kit of spare parts 


    Turboden will be responsible for providing the customer with a mini spare system parts on site.  

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