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INMIS can supply anything from single components to complete turnkey power plants, offering a highly flexible scope with the aim of maximizing customer value. 

While clearly defining contractual interfaces is critical for project success, each package entails a high degree of contractual flexibility and can be adapted to meet customer preferences and in-house capabilities.  



I. TURBODEN Basic | Supply of Turboden ORC unit

INMIS' core business and starting point for all our projects.

When working under TURBODEN Basic package, INMIS’ Scope of Supply will be limited to the supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of the Turboden unit. 

Performance guarantees offered for Turboden units will be contingent upon the heat process delivering as specified in the Contract of Sale.  


II. POWER Basic | Supply of main equipment 

In the POWER Basic scheme, INMIS will be responsible for the procurement, start-up and commissioning of all the main plant equipment. 

The customer will be responsible for construction and installation, main equipment interfaces, procurement and installation of Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment, overall plant engineering and project management. 


III. POWER Extended | Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) 

Under the POWER Extended package, In addition to main equipment INMIS will deliver all the auxiliary equipment and materials necessary for power generation, overall plant engineering and Construction Management. 

While managed by INMIS and its partners, the actual installation and construction will be done by the Customer. 

INMIS will assist the customer in selecting local subcontractors, provide on-site supervision, monitor subcontractors on behalf of the customer, establish quality assurance protocols,  and ultimately manage project construction in order to the assure the final delivery of the plant on-time, on-budget, and according to technical requirements      

The POWER Extended package can be further adapted to match customer preferences and in-house capabilities. Non-critical components and installation works can be subcontracted locally while retaining the full range of guarantees offered in the standard POWER Extended package. 


IV. POWER Complete| Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) 

The POWER Complete package reflects a typical Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract under which INMIS will provide the full range of equipment, materials and services required for the delivery of the power plant.  

INMIS will be responsible for delivering a complete turnkey project on-time and on-budget, and will provide performance guarantees for the complete power plant. Project construction will be covered by a single contract with INMIS, and the customer will thus be offered with a single point of contact 

Due to the nature of power plant projects, the POWER complete package is highly flexible on INMIS’ involvement in civil works. 

Upon customer request INMIS’ Sccope of Supply may or may not include the engineering and construction of foundations, buildings and site infrastructure, buildings’ electrical and mechanical installations and all works and services that can be done by the customer or a civil contractor according to plant equipment and process requirements.   


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