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TURBODEN HRS UNITS | High efficiency electricity generation

Turboden has developed new models of HRS ORC units capable of delivering high electrical efficiency, with sizes ranging from 600 kW and reaching up to 11 MW for a single unit. 

Turboden’s standard HRS of 1MW (12HRS) and 2.5MW (24HRS) have electric efficiency of around 24% while units larger size (>5MW) HRS units can reach an electric efficiency of up to 27%.  

HRS models can operate both in dissipative condition, maximizing the electrical output, and in cogeneration mode, with the ability to provide heat with water temperature up to 60° C while adjusting for seasonal thermal load and maximizing the utilization of the biomass. 


LARGE SIZE HRS UNITS | Solar Thermal Applications | Data sheet



ORC models 50 HRS - 110 HRS
ORC capacity 5 MWe - 11 MWe


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STANDARD SIZE HRS UNITS | Solar Thermal Applications Data sheet 



ORC models 12 HRS - 32 HRS
ORC capacity 1.0 MWe - 3.2 MWe


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