Geothermal resources in Greece


Water dominated reservoirs of low to medium temperature are the most prevalent type of geothermal resource in Greece.

Geothermal fields of proven and suitable characteristics for electricity generation are found in several islands in the Aegean along the volcanic belt which extends from Saronikos to Kos. The exploitable and probable potential of the medium and high enthalpy hydrothermal resources found in the islands of Milos, and Nisyros alone, is estimated to exceed 25 MWe and 250 MWe of electric capacity respectively, while fields featuring particularly favorable characteristics are also found in the islands of Kimolos, Santorini, Chios and Lesvos.       

Several other areas of interest for electricity production are located in the Northeast mainland, with the proven fields in Alexandroupoli and Kavala being the most notable, while recent efforts have also focused on the Southeast and particularly on Methana. 


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Turboden ORCs are particularly suited for the utilization of geothermal resources of hydrothermal features most commonly found in Greece. 

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